Since our establishment in KSA years ago, GBS has grown to become an enterprise supported by over five hundred employees and a rich portfolio of products and services ranging from printing systems to end-to-end digital transformation solutions.
GBS’ digital technology powers the future by creating advanced solutions that support the digitalization of all enterprise and human development projects. With unmatched experience across digital innovations, we constantly re-invent ourselves by expanding on a robust portfolio of digital products and in-depth technical expertise to support the digital transformation of clients acorss every major industry.
Cyber Security

GBS security specialists will audit your infrastructure protection levels against your business needs to ensure the integrated solutions we offer build a data-tight defense against every type of attack or internal error.

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Applications & Automation

GBS Robotic Process Automation solutions add efficiency and speed to your Digital Operations Look forward to error-free execution of structured business processes by bots that mimic or emulate selected tasks.

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In the digital world, gaining a competitive edge requires breaking down channel silos to facilitate business agility and seamless consumer experiences. GBS offers software built to power the ongoing transformation of banking.

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Strategic Outsourcing

GBS manages your entire IT Outsourcing venture - from concept planning right up to full implementation.

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Integrated project solutions

Our comprehensive end-to-end solution approach encompasses meticulous coordination across all project stages.

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Revolutionizing visualization and collaboration in the construction industry, GBS Metaverse-powered project visualization.

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