Enterprise Asset Management

Quickly communicate enabled technology and turnkey leadership skills. Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather than frictionless technology. Globally network focused materials vis-a-vis cost effective products.
Since our establishment in KSA years ago, GBS has grown to become an enterprise supported by over five hundred employees and a rich portfolio of products and services ranging from printing systems to end-to-end digital transformation solutions.
Asset Tagging & Audit Service

It’s easiest when someone else does it right.

If you’re approaching your asset management for the first time, the challenge of auditing and identifying your current assets can be daunting. 

Ask GBS, the experts in asset tagging and auditing to help you take control of your assets with an inclusive service to get you on track from the start. Our qualified engineers will design the most suitable asset management solution for your company’s needs, complete a full audit of your assets and set up the easiest handover. You’ll never look back! 

This will help you create efficient inventory management with cost-effective physical auditing.

Asset Management Consultation

We’ll help you make it look easy.

GBS long expertise in advisory and consultancy supports businesses to reach their strategic goals.

We will provide you with professional resources and help you build a seamless asset management strategy for your financial and physical assets.

Having already implemented many use cases before, our experience with categorization makes the process easier and faster.

Software is designed to not only track assets, but depreciation too, so you always have the most accurate, realistic concept of your asset situation.


Our team will generate an asset classification structure and asset catalogue and map existing physical assets.

Reconciliation of Fixed Data Asset

Physical Assess Register cross-matched with Financial Database, for one clean asset list.

Fixed Asset Management


GBS fixed asset management solution will enable you to monitor, track and maintain, and assess the condition of your organization’s physical assets and equipment such as vehicles, computers, furniture and machinery.

The process involves a mix of hardware and software according to your needs and environmental considerations and makes a detailed list of every physical asset, its custodian and its location.

Our solutions are designed to alert when it’s time for another audit and takes into account depreciation and other factors for the most accurate overview of your current situation at any time. 

This solution can be augmented by CAFM and RTLS systems.

Track & monitor fixed assets

Oversee equipment and machinery in multiple locations

Computer Aided Facility Management


Thanks to GBS computer-aided technology, large-scale enterprises that deal with vast quantities of information from multiple sources can be released from constraints and challenges such as a shrinking maintenance budget, lack of resources and scattered data.

We will provide your facility manager with innovative tools and the ability to track, manage, report, and plan your entire facilities operations.

We will help ensure the organization’s assets are fully utilized at the lowest possible cost, while providing benefits and predicted outcomes to every phase of a building’s life cycle.

The best part is the simplicity of it, with an agnostic central platform that monitors all readings coming from devices and meters throughout your facility.


Track energy consumption, monitor utilities, manage lighting, janitorial, and grounds maintenance responsibilities and costs.

Space Forecasting

Determine current space utilization and to project future space requirements based on customer or mission requirements

Real Time Location System


Those working with high-value items don’t just need to know what they’ve got on their inventory, they also need to know where it is at all times.

Our high performance and precise tracking tools detect the geo-location of equipment so you can track and control the movement of assets from a central, powerful position.

Software can be set to notify anomalies for quick solutions and interceptions were necessary.

We offer bespoke RTLS solutions to help organizations identify, track and monitor the location of items in real-time.


Improve journey routing capabilities, Over time the system will deliver a positive ROI in efficiency savings alone.

Use Cases Inventory Management

Our complete inventory tracking solution helps customers maintain and track their stock accurately in real time. Barcodes and mobile terminals are used while receiving, issuing, and all other movement of items within the stores, thereby eliminating errors and maintaining accurate inventory.

The solution consists of a back-end Web-based application and a mobile-terminal-based application for scanning.

Key Benefits
  • Powerful barcode-based asset tracking solution
  • Built-in reports to maintain asset database information
  • Faster and accurate inventory assets even remotely
  • Track asset value including depreciating assets
  • Track warranty