Digital Transformation Consulting

Quickly communicate enabled technology and turnkey leadership skills. Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather than frictionless technology. Globally network focused materials vis-a-vis cost effective products.
Since our establishment in KSA years ago, GBS has grown to become an enterprise supported by over five hundred employees and a rich portfolio of products and services ranging from printing systems to end-to-end digital transformation solutions.
Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consultancy is a service that we offer to enable companies to formulate their digital strategy and enhance their performance through digital technologies. Digital Transformation Consultants (DTC) analyze the company’s tech infrastructure, processes, people and organization to both strengthen the organization’s short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement.

Formulate a digital transformation strategy

Including both short term/high ROI initiatives i.e. low-hanging fruits, and long term initiatives

Implement digital technologies
  • Diminish the manual workload
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase process effectiveness (e.g. reduced error rates)
  • Increase employee satisfaction by reducing dull work
  • Enable faster responses to clients
Build digital products

Allow the company to expand into new businesses or new channels

Outline necessary changes to people & processes

Enable and sustain digital transformation

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