Quickly communicate enabled technology and turnkey leadership skills. Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather than frictionless technology. Globally network focused materials vis-a-vis cost effective products.
Since our establishment in KSA years ago, GBS has grown to become an enterprise supported by over five hundred employees and a rich portfolio of products and services ranging from printing systems to end-to-end digital transformation solutions.
Records Center Design and Setup

Lay the foundation for a hassle free future.

The process of archiving data shouldn’t be a burden on your company’s human resources when it could be a simple matter of an automated solution.

Solution design: GBS expert data managers will customize a bespoke solution according to your needs and implement it without interrupting your company’s daily activities.

Once integrated, our team will give you the necessary training to maintain the solution with instructions on how to set alerts and automate the legally compliant disposal of archaic data once it is no longer financially lucrative.


Business Process Mapping & Re-Engineering

‘We’ve always done it that way…’

That sentence, and ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ are two phrases we at GCG Enterprise Solutions can’t fathom, because we believe there’s always a better way.

Our mission is to make your business run smoother, faster, and more efficiently, so we’re dedicated to finding ways to make that happen.

Process Mapping: Our experts will study your existing capturing methods, document and Workflow Management practices. We will study the different processes and map them utilizing the latest tools and scientific methods.

Process re-engineering: Once the initial study is completed, we will redefine your process and ensure it is aligned with your strategic goal.

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