Business Process Automation

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Business Process AutomationGulf Business Solution
Since our establishment in KSA years ago, GBS has grown to become an enterprise supported by over five hundred employees and a rich portfolio of products and services ranging from printing systems to end-to-end digital transformation solutions.

Robotic Process Automation

In today’s digital age, routine tasks are drastically increasing. As a result, automation is becoming a crucial factor to increase efficiency, compliance, productivity and reduce cost.

You can achieve the margins for success while nearly eliminating the margin for error with GCG Enterprise Solutions Robotic Process Automation solutions.

By robotizing processes. we will help you capitalize on the emerging technology to automate processes and therefore significantly save costs.

RPA works by accessing information from your existing IT systems. There are numerous ways that RPA tools can integrate with your applications. One option is through connections to databases and enterprise web services in the backend. Another is through front end or desktop connections that take multiple forms.

Digital Signature

In today’s modern business environment, accessibility to office documents or printers shouldn’t affect workflow. To maintain business continuity in any scenario, and to reduce the threats associated with paper documents, GCG Enterprise Solutions offers a more contemporary solution to the document approval process – Digital Signature.

Unlike an electronic signature that digitally mimics the hand-drawn image of a person’s signature, and is therefore prone to forgery, Digital signatures are hardcoded digital identifiers that are immutably attached to documents after a verified process through a third party. The system allows authorization to take place over a Web Service or Mobile App such as the UAE’s proprietary application UAE PASS.

Workflow Management

GBS offers many years of constant innovation to help you manage your entire operation through one easy-to-assimilate solution.


And don’t let fear of losing your current data prevent you from moving forward as we’ll integrate your legacy platforms into any new solution we build – we’ll even show you how to finally maximize the value of any archived data that, due to previous limitations, you’ve not been able to process.


After an in-depth analysis of your business needs, our experienced engineers will apply proven methods to enhance the entire workflow of your business while integrating automated solutions to quickly route documents and information through the system to your analytical software for processing.


A solution that delivers the power to set security and access rules at every point of transfer, while managing archiving and the automatic deletion of documents to free up storage as and when regulations permit.


Case Management

For any process that involves a file that requires editing and signatory access and authorization at multiple steps along its lifecycle, you need to ensure complete accountability is maintained throughout.

GBS case file solution takes it further, and is capable of managing a collection of customer communications, forms, process documents, reports and supporting documentation along with other various documents and records.

The information contained within your case files are extremely valuable so you need to be able to manage them for compliance, audit, and optimized outcomes. GBS case management systems and their tools allow you to make real-time, complex decisions that take into account the changing nature of information.

Records Management

Institutions that are bound by law to store physical or digital information as evidence of a particular business activity need to ensure their data can be stored safely over an extended period.


GBS offers an innovative record management system that enables users to capture, process and view content ranging from physical documents to emails and social content.


We will set up your system to not only restrict access to certain individuals at points in time but instruct the automated disposal of files once it is legally permitted. This will open space for new data entering the system and save time needed to manage the process.

Intelligent Metadata Layer

Regardless of where it is coming from, or where you are, you will be able to find unified information across different sources based on context, not on the system or folder in which the information is stored. This allows you to connect to multiple different external repositories, browse, and edit content residing in external sources within the ECM user interface.

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